Kanchanamala takes off!

July 1st 2016

Waking up in your own bed, at a place you call ‘your home’ and making adrak ka chai, Kanchanamala has been dreaming of this since the day she could remember. Even today, she woke up from the same dream, but with a smile on her face, as she knew that it was finally coming true. All her life, she was stuck in a god forsaken town, 100 kilometers away from her dream city Hyderabad. What made her feel even more claustrophobic is that she was neither brought up in a remote village without cell reception nor in a hep cosmopolitan city. She was right in the middle, just like her college grades, just like how she was the middle child. Middle or mediocre never satisfied her, she dreamt big and hell ya she was on a mission to achieve all those dreams, one by one.

She was a ‘laadli bacchi’ who belonged to very sentimental family. Today she was being treated with so much affection, obviously because it was going to be a long time before they see her again. She walked out of her small but cozy home, into the front yard, where her father was following his morning ritual of chai with five portions of news. He looked up at her, with a look that was not entirely convinced about his daughter travelling to an alien land, without the safety of marriage and a husband.

She was an expert in reading his look, Kanchanamala, swiftly changed director to discuss with her fully filmy amma, last minute packing stuff. She was not the kind of person who travels light or rather she was never a person who travelled. The last trip she took was to the ‘world famous,’ Ramoji Film City, as a part of an educational tour from college. She packed with so much attention to detail, as though she were on space journey which would at least take a million light years. Her mother was ready to cry at the drop of a hat, but she was proud of her daughter standing up for what she believed in and pursuing her dreams. Her brothers loved her, she knew that, but they always managed to piss her of with their over protective, narrow minded views. But she knew from past experience that there was no point in her trying to explain the concepts of equality, liberty and freedom to her brothers. It was as good as trying to make a toddler learn how to sprint.

But she stood there, with a halo on her head, thinking to herself how she is going to single handedly civilize the world to be a better place. All she needed to do was to get to her dream city first and then everything is going to fall in place, with this thought she sat in an overcrowded bus to Hyderabad, while her overly dramatic family was waving at her for as long as they could see the bus.


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